Mother Nature’s Flooring: The Environmental Benefits of Tile

People are becoming increasingly concerned about building and living in homes with environmental benefits. The foundation of an environmentally friendly home is the floor you’ll walk on, so your choice of flooring is especially important. Choosing tile as your main flooring provides many environmental benefits compared to wood, laminate, or concrete. Consider these tile benefits:

  • Less Waste = More Green Cash and Trees. No one wants to have to redo their floors – it can cost a fortune and creates unimaginable waste. Tile is one of the longest lasting flooring products available. Carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring must be replaced periodically, but properly installed tile will last a lifetime. In this case the environmentally safe option is the economical option as well. earth
  • Green Cleaning.Cleaning chemicals are washed down drains in American households in the millions of gallons every day. These contaminate water supplies and harm soil quality. Warm water is all anyone needs to clean ceramic tile. Without using harsh chemicals homeowners can ensure they are cleaning in the most ecologically sound manner.
  • Less Shipping, Lower Emissions. Most flooring supplies aside from tile require shipment from around the world. A global supply chain means clear-cutting forests, processing materials, and shipping with diesel trucks, all for that laminate hardwood floor.

Conversely, materials used to manufacture almost every style of tile are available in regions throughout the United States. This means that a homeowner can opt for locally sourced tile, which comes with numerous ecological benefits.

  • Closing the Loop. Laminate hardwoods and carpets come from factories that belch fumes and wastewater into the environment, with little or no recycling taking place. With tile, manufacturers have resolved these issues.

Modern tile factories are “closed loop,” meaning they reuse water and materials, sending only a negligible amount into the environment. This means less waste going to landfills and wastewater treatment facilities.

  • Toasty Toes Without the Guilt. Depending on the location, heating a home can be one of the costliest and most environmentally impactful aspects of home ownership. Ceramic tile flooring allows for heated flooring that maximizes efficient use of heating oil, decreasing a home’s carbon footprint. A homeowner needn’t sacrifice comfort for sustainability with ceramic tile flooring.

Architectural Brick and Tile knows how to floor your home in an attractive and environmentally safe way. Ensure a cleaner, greener future for generations to come by considering ceramic tile flooring.  

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